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Presentation of the kennel Dian Shan


Kaj (born 1954) and I (1955) met each other in December 2001 and moved together about half an year later. We have both been married before and from these marriages we got 4 children: Kaj has Trine & Bjørn, I have Karina and Ditte - all four are grown up and independent now.


Kaj and I have much in common, but one big common interest became/are… The Chows. They fill the best part of our day and are a marked feature of our lifestyle. Our whole home is marked by the fact, that we have many dogs and there must be place for them. That means tile-floors, washing-room, puppy-room, and dog-rooms, built for exactly this breed, that we have lost our hearts to, lots of outdoor space, enormous quantities of towels, brushes, scissors, doggie-shampoos, and leashes.


The shelves are full of show-results, vaccination-papers and pedigrees, while the drawers are full of all kind of copies about dogs/chows. Even the car is chosen so it has enough place for the dogs, when they are to be taken to a show or some place else.


The dog-expenses are bigger than our private expenses due to insurances, vaccinations, shows, dog-food and supplements, blankets, dog-beds, toys, food-bowls, leashes, tit-bits, etc. So one could sure say, that we have got "dog-madness". And we love it!


We got the loveliest Chow-Chows in the world, and ... we got each other ;o) What more could we wish for?





The Chow has many noble qualities,
his heart cannot be taken by storm ,
but once given,
it is yours forever

(Lady Dunbar of Mochrum , "The Chow Chow" 1914)






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I have collected some of the articles that I either have written or written by others and which I found so interesting that I have been allowed to bring them here.


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I have collected a wide range of graphics and other fun, all with the Chow Chow to do.


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Most pages are now translated into German and English

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Litchi Chow Dina Shan ny Dansk champion





Clubsiegerschau 2009, ACC e.V Soltau



Litchi Chow Dina Shan
V1, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC, KlubSieger



Dian Shan Never Stop Dancing


Orre, Rogaland


Dian Shan Jue-Shi fik sit 3 certifikat og blev Norsk Champion, fik CACIB og blev BIR.


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